December 7, 2022

CUBA REVIEW: Shifting Political Sands Uncover New Opportunities for U.S.-Cuba Relations

Recent tectonic shifts in U.S. domestic politics and geopolitics have opened new spaces for U.S.-Cuba engagement, but also threaten to complicate others. The Democrats’ “midterm wipeout” in Florida suggests that, at long last, U.S. policy toward Cuba may once again be dictated by the national interest instead of electoral swing state concerns. However, simmering superpower rivalry is forcing the United States to redefine its national security priorities, while nudging Cuba to strengthen relations with current political allies such as Russia and China. Stuck in the middle are Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terror, the ongoing imprisonment of 11J protesters, migratory and energy crises with no end in sight, and the promise of Cuba’s growing private sector, all of which hold the keys to a more constructive and sustainable U.S.-Cuba relationship, should Washington and Havana muster the political will to pursue one. We explore this evolving landscape in our latest newsletter.

(Photo credit: Associated Press / Ismael Francisco)