June 17, 2020
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Cuba Study Group launches new blog, Nuevos Espacios

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Cuba Study Group, I am proud to announce the launch of our new blog, Nuevos Espacios.

Nuevos Espacios is a multimedia platform that will chronicle the growth and evolution of spaces for inclusion and individual expression in Cuban society, both on the island and abroad.

Every month, Nuevos Espacios will publish new articles by up-and-coming Cuban experts, authors and journalists covering developments in Cuban culture, civil society, economics, media and international affairs. It will also feature photo-journalism essays and videos produced in partnership with Cuban independent news magazine, El Toque. All posts will be published in both English and Spanish here on the CSG’s website, and shared via our Twitter, Facebook and new Instagram pages.

Nuevos Espacios kicks off this week with four incisive pieces by some of Cuba’s most captivating young voices:

In our introductory post, Havana-based attorney, CSG Young Professional member and blog co-editor Aldo Alvarez summarizes the changes and trends in Cuban society that inspired us to launch Nuevos Espacios.

In Independent Media in Cuba: a Swallow that Does Make a Summer, acclaimed Cuban author Carlos Manuel Álvarez details in candid and vivid prose the principles that have guided the successful expansion and diversification of Cuban independent media over the past decade.

The Editorial Staff of El Toque contribute a photo-journalism essay on a recent private-public alliance that facilitated food delivery services for Havana’s elderly residents during the early weeks of the Covid-19 crisis.

And in Cuba Must Not Wait to Unleash the Potential of its Workforce, University of Havana economist Ricardo Torres presents a clear-eyed case for why Cuba’s future development hinges on unlocking the island’s labor potential, especially that of its knowledge economy workers.

Our goal is for Nuevos Espacios to serve as an amplifier for the innovative ideas and thought leadership currently transforming Cuba society for the better. We hope that you find these posts stimulating and engaging, and will share them with your friends.


Ricardo Herrero
Executive Director
Cuba Study Group

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