Proyecto Cuba Emprende

The CubaEmprende Project arose out of an initiative spearheaded by the Archdiocese of Havana. Its mission is to help improve Cubans’ quality of life and to contribute to social progress by developing an economic mindset. To that end, it offers business training and advisory services to individuals who have decided to start or improve an economic activity involving forms of non-governmental management.

In supporting entrepreneurship, CubaEmprende replicates the model developed by Mexico’s Fundación ProEmpleo, which employs an intensive teaching method.

CubaEmprende provides participants with the following tools to manage their businesses:

  • Tools necessary to start and manage a business successfully.
  • Training to create a business plan.
  • Specialized advisory services to contribute to business success.
  • Chance to exchange knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs from various industries.
  • Opportunity to establish new business and commercial relationships with other entrepreneurs.
  • Ease to stay abreast of business topics by consulting specialized bibliographies and the space “El tema del mes” [“Topic of the Month”].

To learn more about this groundbreaking initiative, please visit its website through the link below.

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