2022 FIU Cuba Poll

This is the first FIU Cuba Poll conducted since the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden. The characteristics of the community measured in the 2020 poll remain relatively stable in this year’s poll. The community’s isolationist views have softened a bit among the young and newest arrivals but in general the polls present a community that reflects the attitudes of the current administration. While there is support for family reunification, remittance and travel shifts initiated by President Biden, the overall tendency is to maintain a strong hold on the “stick” policies that promote sanctions and isolation. 

Little has changed in the narrative shaping U.S./Cuba policy during the administration of President Biden. Most of the policy shifts initiated by President Trump in 2018 have remained in place for most of President Biden’s first term in office. Only within the last few months have there been signs of a possible emergence of a Biden policy towards Cuba. Family reunification initiatives are the focus of the Biden policy, as well as a loosening of the flow of personal capital in the form of remittances and people to the island. Time will only tell if these tentative steps will form the basis for a more defined foreign policy posture towards Cuba.